Sanatorium Magazine # 1 2017

Sanatorium is proud to present the very first issue of Sanatorium Magazine! Jens Andersson is a graphic designer and co-founder of Sanatorium Publishing House. In his piece "Whatever happened to Douglas Dent« he explores the mystery of the missing Scottish illustrator Douglas Dent, active in Sweden as a book cover artist during the 70’s. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: A mixture of storytelling, comics, illustrations and art by fantastic artists: Mattias Adolfsson Marcus Gunnar Pettersson, Lars Sjunnesson Erik Svetoft Rui Tenreiro Emelie Östergren Oversized magazine (A3) of loose spreads held together by a removable elastic band.
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Heavy metal thunder

Check it out

Just back from Angouleme Festival in France, thanks all for coming by the Swedish monter hope to see you soon again.

Angoulême International Comics Festival

Going to France tomorrow visiting Angoulême International Comics Festival, see you there

Live drawing

Started during a live drawing session in Singapore last fall.